a fit of obviousness (theycallmegah) wrote,
a fit of obviousness

From Twitter 04-09-2011

  • 11:06:48: Sidney Lumet is a filmmaker who never let me down... to the point I was afraid to really dive deep into his oeuvre. That ends tonight. RIP.
  • 11:09:29: RT @PeterSHall: http://i.imgur.com/33xWs.jpg
  • 11:11:34: @VivaVHS I didn't throw mine away, I donated them to a university!
  • 11:12:52: @gholson That's because I always confused it with the Rescue.
  • 11:35:49: You're not alone! First Lumet film I ever saw. @VivaVHS And i'll come right out and admit it, I absolutely adore THE WIZ.
  • 11:43:55: Words cannot describe. RT@PeterSHall FYI: Astronomers recently witnessed a star being ripped apart by a black hole. http://bit.ly/fx7Dou
  • 11:44:55: @scottEweinberg Because they didn't want you bringing Jones. Like you always do. Sheesh.
  • 11:48:27: @VivaVHS yeah, I listed them "free to a loving home" but filtered replies. University won!
  • 14:22:28: RT @devincf: Step 2: Treat Creationists/global warming deniers the same way we would treat people espousing phrenology or white supremac ...
  • 23:30:06: I made myself a Long Island Iced Tea so massive it's officially an East Coast Iced Tea. Finished almost 2/3. So sleepy.

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