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From Twitter 04-10-2011

  • 05:41:47: @jarrettem works for me!
  • 07:18:03: Saw trailer for AN 1NVISIBLE SI6N w/Jessica Alba. Looks irresistibly awful. If I rent it will anyone watch it with me? @jarrettem
  • 11:57:49: @JacobSHall that's what pen name's are for!
  • 12:09:56: @jacobshall not sure where that apostrophe came from.
  • 12:38:46: Watching the Newton Boys. At what point do they get out of bank robbing and buy fig trees? I want to see some fruited cake!
  • 14:13:56: I really liked it. (watching The Newton Boys via @gomiso) http://miso.io/hTmUyI
  • 16:04:37: I can abide Shannon as Zod in Snyder's Superman, but I'm still hoping we see Eddie Griffin as Gus Gorman.
  • 16:28:49: @shumway20 yeah but Tracy Morgan didn't play Richard Pryor in "Pryor Offenses."
  • 16:29:41: @ColeAbaius Run the story! You must Neil before Zod!
  • 16:34:27: @jarrettem you are an inspiration to us all!
  • 16:55:49: Damn, the Galaxy Shark claimed a second victim! Not just @jarrettem lost an arm.
  • 19:02:33: And here is the armless @jarrettem after being inspired by Hang Five... I mean Soul Surfer http://t.co/51ZkChw
  • 19:05:00: Minor spoiler, but they listen to a Sam&Dave song before the shark attack, hence "Soul" Surfer.
  • 19:10:23: RT @jarrettem Better picture of @chinesedentist armless http://yfrog.com/hsx4crkj
  • 19:10:59: RT @jarrettem Okay @chinesedentist and I prayed and our arms have healed back, the power of prayer heals all #fuckyoushark #wontletyouwin!
  • 19:16:09: Half the fun of Soul Surfer was spotting the seams on the effects. Shocked Robb didn't do all her surfing... Or lose an arm for the role!
  • 19:42:23: Jesus, I was disarmed by how inspiring this was. (watching Soul Surfer via @gomiso) http://miso.io/hNM1fW
  • 19:42:23: I was just awarded the "Drama Fan" badge on @gomiso http://gomiso.com
  • 19:42:24: I was just awarded the "NewNowNext" badge on @gomiso http://gomiso.com
  • 19:46:39: I decided to have a little Thai food in honor of Soul Surfer's missionary work in Thailand. #inspirational http://t.co/U62XBVs
  • 19:54:32: @Claytonwsii Back to Beach, Surf II, Lost Boys
  • 20:07:50: @Claytonwsii nope, that's what I meant. There's totally sax on the beach in that flick.
  • 20:14:27: @Claytonwsii Back to Beach is the film you are looking for. I think Lost Boys is post-Beach movie+vampires.
  • 20:15:55: @VivaChiba that's like everything's fault but the ps3. Wireless or wired?
  • 20:18:09: @Claytonwsii back to the beach, seriously. It's a wacky 80's satire of beach movies starring several people who made them years earlier.
  • 20:18:45: @Claytonwsii and featuring an insane amount of cameos and a future Full House cast member.
  • 20:21:38: @Claytonwsii oh, and lord love a duck mostly qualifies... And is on netflix instant.
  • 20:23:53: @ollymoss milhouse
  • 20:24:44: @ollymoss and stupid flanders. I dressed as him halloween 2003!
  • 20:31:08: @ollymoss I was saying boo-urns!
  • 20:36:09: @Claytonwsii Dude, such an insane movie. McDowall like you've never seen him!
  • 20:36:40: @jarrettem @ChaseWhale i'd be down for it if it's Tuesday.
  • 21:03:40: @VivaChiba i'd reboot the ps3 and resume download. Still not the system's fault that storefront sucks or their servers are choking.
  • 21:27:53: @ReelDistraction I was there too. In church clothes and with one arm.
  • 21:30:59: @ReelDistraction nothing really to our faces, at least. But we had a blast.
  • 21:35:07: @jarrettem That's amputainment!
  • 21:39:47: @VivaChiba are net access otherwise working?
  • 22:01:47: @VivaChiba any other active downloads that may be taking precedence? can you try cancel download and then restart it from purchase history?
  • 22:05:52: @VivaChiba I watched it on my ipad last week ;) and i do understand your frustration. If router's not far I'd also try wired connection.
  • 22:13:38: I thought Soul Surfer had a surprisingly good soundtrack overall. Much better than I Am Number Four and Suckerpunch.
  • 22:14:24: #1 lesson of Soul Surfer: If Carrie Underwood invites you to go to Mexico to hand out bibles and spam, go!
  • 22:45:58: @scottEweinberg @ldmullen Indeed! I remember that. She was hailed as this great discovery, even.
  • 22:50:23: @ReelDistraction @ldmullen I hate you so much right now Micah.
  • 22:51:59: Because you spoil Super in your review and won't fix it. RT @ebertchicago My blog entries are apparently being blocked by Facebook.
  • 22:59:39: @jarrettem @PeterSHall The Drafthouse does have a no talking PSA cut from Scream 2.
  • 23:03:06: @Aaron_Morgan I really like it, but I can't get over how almost beat-by-beat they copy the end of usual suspects.
  • 23:03:27: @Aaron_Morgan heck, a lot of the structure of the film is very usual suspects like.
  • 23:04:17: @jarrettem @ChaseWhale I knew there was SOME reason Scream 4 midnight Thursday wasn't doable. Thanks.
  • 23:08:48: @Aaron_Morgan yeah, basically. with other elements.
  • 23:35:10: Seriously, the trailer for An Invisible Sign (AN 1NVISIBLE SI6N) is amazing. http://goo.gl/YC6oE Watching this soon. Anyone else interested?
  • 23:35:35: @EricVespe Watch For Scorsese's cameo in the night club!
  • 23:40:48: Because obvious debilitating mental illness=cute and quirky! Fuck therapy, love is all you need! AN 1NVISIBLE SI6N http://goo.gl/YC6oE
  • 23:41:16: @ldmullen it's available in HD on demand. Will play it on my projector.
  • 23:42:26: @ldmullen @scottEweinberg I think you are young enough that you're excused. But it's way better than you realize. Watch it tonight!
  • 23:44:01: @ldmullen @scottEweinberg I sought out and watched Network in 1990 after it was explained to me Michael Richards speech in UHF spoofed it.
  • 23:45:37: Has anyone actually read the book "An Invisible Sign of My Own" which the film is based on? Reviews don't seem to mention a love story.
  • 23:51:36: @ldmullen @scotteweinberg Netflix instant version is in HD. Should be same print. WATCH IT INSTANTLY!
  • 23:58:00: "If people were watching in the movie theater they'd file out to the box office, demanding their money back, bored." from the novel AISOMO!

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