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From Twitter 04-01-2011

  • 00:22:56: RT @BTSjunkie: "Never do an action adventure film then go to France and drink because they like to hit women." #huh #TheWingsHauserExper ...
  • 00:24:44: Best Q&A ever! Wings Hauser is amazing. Really excited for Rubber, my favorite of Fantastic Fest 2010.
  • 02:40:19: I love this film with all my heart. (watching Rubber (2011) via @gomiso) http://miso.io/gbUw0l
  • 02:41:11: Rented on iTunes! (watching Hobo with a Shotgun via @gomiso) http://miso.io/fLR8Vy
  • 11:47:38: @oizo3000 I'm really curious about the genesis of Rubber. What was the first image or scene you came up with in it?
  • 11:50:14: Had same problem with THE MATRIX & The Reflex! RT@HQ10 Every time I hear the title INSIDIOUS, Duran Duran song Notorious pops into my head.
  • 11:54:32: Thanks for the heads up! Just bought one. @jneece Need. Want. Must. Have. http://bit.ly/gKlkZa
  • 11:59:09: Oh no! RT @tweetrenee After a long month we've decided to shut down Robo Roku. Thanks for all your support.
  • 11:59:58: I remember the year Opposite Day fell on April 1st. I was so confused.
  • 12:00:44: @scottEweinberg Wasn't my experience at my apartment complex at all. And I never *once* forgot to collect my dog's poop.
  • 12:06:05: @scottEweinberg Well people there are assholes.
  • 12:14:17: RT @Nickrob: April Fools Day is a great day for hipsters: it's a day of enjoying things earnestly and accepting others' differing tastes.
  • 12:25:06: @VivaChiba @Accordion27 Nope.
  • 12:27:18: RT @outlawvern: I've read too many of these shallow "Sucker Punch is sexist" essays. My eyes can no longer recognize the word "empowerment."
  • 13:28:52: Well you see, it comes after March on the calendar. @woodelijah Happy April Fools y'all. How is it April already?
  • 13:30:57: April Fool's Day is a good time to tell people you love how you sincerely feel about them. If it starts to get awkward you have an easy out.
  • 13:39:35: Most plausible Brokeback Mountain theory yet. RT@gholson Strange typecasting: Jake Gyllenhaal as displaced traveler of alternate timelines.
  • 14:22:30: Four months is long enough to train for a Triathlon, right? Anybody want to join me? http://goo.gl/6mv4j
  • 14:39:03: @flabbyironman Just registered so it's not full. No backing out now!
  • 14:40:24: So I registered for a triathlon after purchasing $40 worth of Mangia for $20 on Living Social. I find that strangely appropriate.
  • 14:47:55: @flabbyironman Awesome. Let's do it!
  • 14:51:56: @tweetrenee How do I know THIS ONE isn't the April Fools tweet?
  • 15:02:15: RT @badassdigest: Maybe You Shouldn't Watch These Two Great Clips From The Brilliant ATTACK THE BLOCK - http://bit.ly/ev4vOC
  • 15:03:48: @tweetrenee Hah. Good one. I did a prank too. I registered myself for a triathlon! Can't wait to see the look on my face once I find out!
  • 16:13:35: RT @foxsearchlight: We were going to start a THE TREE OF LIFE prank for #aprilfools, but at this point, that would just be cruel. #dontb ...
  • 17:17:02: @ApexEndurance 500m swim, 13.8 mi bike, 3 mi run

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