a fit of obviousness (theycallmegah) wrote,
a fit of obviousness

From Twitter 03-30-2011

  • 12:46:25: @qloriaisfake I just realized what happens a while back and realized a lot of my friends didn't know. Just want to help.
  • 12:49:11: @qloriaisfake I thought so, I just didn't want this to turn into a whale/weinberg style twitter feud ;)
  • 12:56:06: @devincf People are surprised you haven't seen every movie ever made. Mostly fair game to make fun of a film based on it's trailer, though.
  • 12:57:24: @ChaseWhale @scottEweinberg When you two fight, we all lose!
  • 13:00:22: @ChaseWhale @scotteweinberg Oh, it's fine. Glad you guys resolved it. These things happen.
  • 13:02:05: Someone add subtitles to Twin Talk viral video! Looks like they're talking about Black Swan to me! Could be new Downfall/Hitler template...
  • 17:56:35: RT @fantasticfest: IT IS YOUR DUTY AS AN AMERICAN TO WATCH RUBBER - http://bit.ly/gQz0ws #fantasticfest
  • 17:58:53: @scottEweinberg Dude, I LOVE Crazy People. My brother still quote it all the time.
  • 18:03:01: Would any of my dog owning friends like a retractable leash and/or foldup steps (helps them reach tall beds)? #lostdogindivorce
  • 20:52:24: RT @EricVespe: Does anybody else think the Total Recall movie would be more interesting if Colin Farrell was playing the bad guy and Cra ...
  • 21:20:38: @scottEweinberg Dedinitely a horror film, but deceptively so.
  • 22:19:51: Woo Karaoke!

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