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From Twitter 03-28-2011

  • 00:47:04: RT @AlbertBrooks: Need to come clean with something. I did half of the dancing for Natalie Portman.
  • 06:47:55: RT @badassdigest: Los Angeles: Win Tickets To A Screening of ATTACK THE BLOCK! - http://bit.ly/gOyo4l
  • 09:14:39: We got party hats! Barney! Barney! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1GaKaGwch0U
  • 09:16:46: @meganistkrieg I am occasionally guilty of this, apparently. Maybe that's why she divorced me!
  • 09:19:09: Dear @mountain_goats, thank you for writing "No Children" as it's even more cathartic now that I'm divorced.
  • 09:46:36: We should just nuke all of Libya. They killed Doc Brown!
  • 09:58:19: @Aaron_Morgan Still not forgiven! #neverforget #ripdocbrown, or at least one version of him.
  • 10:23:05: "Sometimes when you are a great writer, words come so fast you can hardly put them down on paper." http://goo.gl/NSTId http://goo.gl/7JTDK
  • 10:23:52: I bet you it's not! RT@abaumgart Won 2nd in office bracket pool. Hopefully this will be the start of a long and fulfilling gambling problem.
  • 10:28:28: Holy shit! I didn't realize the director of Conan O'Brien Can't Stop also directed Idle Hands and Leprechaun 2!
  • 11:51:25: RT @MasterPancake: This weekend we give a purple nurple to TWISTER. RT for free tix. Winners at 2:00. http://bit.ly/emQEb4
  • 12:40:51: @Aaron_Morgan @EricVespe @jarrettem @scottEweinberg @BriguySalisbury @ldmullen You'd talk about TV and videogames.
  • 14:15:01: @gholson @scottEweinberg if you know ones that do, feel free to point them my way.
  • 14:30:12: @Aaron_Morgan That movie is godddamn joyous.
  • 14:43:02: @BriguySalisbury Rambo 3 for genesis, or the newish arcade game based on it that they have at Fuddruckers on Lamar.
  • 14:46:29: @BriguySalisbury Do the LJN horror series... jaws, Friday the 13th, nightmare on elm street.
  • 14:47:58: @flabbyironman @briguysalisbury it will be a short article.
  • 14:49:11: @Paul_Gandersman @aaron_morgan what's the link you've been refreshing?
  • 15:00:43: @Paul_Gandersman cool. Thanks!
  • 15:45:44: @JohnWSmith But Lois doesn't age like Superman, and this affords them the opportunity to play with that.
  • 16:01:30: @JohnWSmith I hope it ties into the type of story they want to tell. We're reaching a point where working for a newspaper is outdated.
  • 18:50:30: @EricDSnider I once put up a Christmas tree the day after Christmas.
  • 22:51:09: @mattkward Funny, others who tried it out of morbid curiosity then tried morbid obesity.

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