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From Twitter 03-26-2011

  • 01:25:07: Suckerpunch is the most Zack Snyder film ever made. It's everything that bugged me about Watchmen, but there's more of it.
  • 01:26:53: From now on Zack Snyder is not allowed to have songs on his soundtracks with words in them.
  • 01:29:54: Zack Snyder is pure essence of a teenage boy. Suckerpunch contains everything a teenage boy thinks is "deep."
  • 01:32:53: With that being said, I kind of liked Suckerpunch. It's better than most people will admit, and has more to it than most will appreciate.
  • 01:34:59: But Suckerpunch s a terrible film to watch in the theater if seeing it for the first time, because people have no idea how to react.
  • 09:02:34: I can't get over how annoyingly inappropriate the end credit sequence of Sucker Punch was. It undermines attempts to take it seriously.
  • 09:14:46: We should commend Zack Synder for taking such a courageous stand against rape, forced prostitution, and lobotomies. Empowering! #suckerpunch
  • 09:18:45: Considering how much I've ranted about Sucker Punch and Snyder in general in the past 9 hours, I want to reiterate I think I like the film.
  • 09:22:41: Even more frightened for Zack Synder's Superman. Can't wait for the sad, slow-motion funeral scene featuring Five for Fighting's "Superman."
  • 09:29:27: It's been 24 years since I last saw Roger Rabbit theatrically. Sadly I'm at work and won't get to change that today.
  • 10:28:15: @myneighborjess it was bad in Watchmen, but so much worse here.
  • 11:32:51: @scottEweinberg It's teenage boy "deep." "Whoa, that chick's stepfather abused her. Whoa, like, people fantasize to cope with trauma."
  • 12:29:24: I'm not OK, but I'm inching closer to it. It's times like these I resent my belongings. There's too much longing, not enoughing being.
  • 13:14:14: @edgarwright Why I love film festivals.
  • 14:10:43: RT @georgelazenby: Look, all I want to do is coagulate your sadness and hock it at the sink like an egg that didn't poach.
  • 16:39:31: @DrewAtHitFix You just described Spring Break 97. Spent a week in Pensacola in a house with four women. Worst week ever.
  • 17:13:38: @flabbyironman @QManning It looks very assembly line... Just plug in assets, re-reender and voila. They probably have a set bag of tricks.

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